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Metadata Driven Database Deployments

This is my declarative database deployment tool that allows quick CI Loops and easy schema changes without hand-crafted DDL.

HP Vertica

HP Vertica is a column-oriented RDBMS. It's inexpensive and wicked fast. Since it is syntactically similar to TSQL the learning curve is small.



Service Broker

SQL Server Service Broker provides queueing, asynchronous data eventing, and messaging within the database. Demystifying SSB is my specialty. I also provide free utilities to deploy and monitor SSB.



Everyone's got a performance monitoring and baselining tool. PerformanceCollector is mine. IMHO mine is better because it is infinitely configurable.

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Dave is a data architect specializing in zero-downtime database deployments and SQL Server...

My Two Cents

The Future of BigData, NoSQL, and Relational

What exactly is wrong with SQL and RDBMSs? I'm a die-hard Relational Guy, but we are "losing" to TNT ("The Next Thing"). But not for the reasons you may think.  I've written a lot about NoSQL, and use it daily, so I'm not just another dude with an opinion.  I've listed exactly what is wrong with SQL and RDBMSs, thankfully it's mostly a "people problem".  We can fix this by changing our attitudes.  In fact, lots of the newest features of SQL Server are a response to the NoSQL/BigData movement.  However, there is still much more to be done.  MS licensing is still driving folks to alternatives, even when they are not the best solution.  

If You are a SQL Server Professional...

...it behooves you to learn some new data skills.  SQL Server isn't going away any time soon, but you should understand the alternative landscape.  I have lots of posts that teach you other database managers from a SQL Server perspective:  HP Vertica, PostgreSQL, Oracle (older content here), and various NoSQL flavors.  You'll understand SQL Server better if you understand its competition.  

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