Here are some of my non-traditional offerings...

My Services

Scale Your Data Science Team

Companies struggle getting the most value they can out of their data scientists. Data scientists struggle with

  • scaling their processes past their laptop or VM
  • taking their model and making it operate on data-in-motion

Read about how I can help your data scientists

Data Architecture/Consulting

If you have a sticky data problem…whether it’s ETL, data modeling, SQL Server, or Hadoop…feel free to contact me and we can work together to try to solve it.

Blockchain Consulting

It’s difficult to find people that have actually done blockchain work. I’ve run a few small blockchain experiments for clients. Read about what I’ve learned. I can help you avoid some blockchain project pitfalls. Blockchain projects are not traditional development projects.

Hadoop Managed Services

Need help with Hadoop administration or development? Do you need help teaching your staff how to support Hadoop? Read about my experiences not just doing MSP work, but actually building an MSP practice for a hosting provider.


I give a lot of presentations to user groups, companies, and even for Microsoft events. Read about some of them here. Every engagement starts with me coming to your company and giving a presentation on what I can offer to you.

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Performance Tuning

I love to tweak a system to make it better. Performance tuning is nothing more than “process improvement”. If you have a performance issue with SQL Server, Hadoop, your ETL pipeline, or your data science code…I can help. Read about some of my experiences here.

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Metadata Driven Database Deployments

I have a unique offering that allows you to deploy database changes to various database managers in a friction-free way.

  • No more handcrafted DDL.
  • No more downtime.
  • Comes with CI built-in
  • Can be learned in an hour
  • Works with any VCS

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