Forrester 2020 Enterprise Architecture Award Winner

Forrester 2020 Enterprise Architecture Award Winner

I helped one of my customers win a Forrester 2020 Enterprise Architecture Award.

I was involved with one of my customers winning Forrester’s 2020 Enterprise Architecture Award. The Forrester and InfoWorld EA contest focus on business architecture, digital transformation, and governance.

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CSL Behring came to the MTC to discuss the benefits of moving some of their data science projects to the cloud. We discussed some of the synergies and I believe the message resonated with one of the VP’s in the room. I mentioned that one of the fun MTC engagements I do are “Design Thinking Workshops” where we look at business problems and possible solutions and how technology and process can be added to CSL’s existing people to create interesting solutions.

It actually took us a few months to prepare for the DT session and the scope increased dramatically. Initially we were looking to host about 10 people and discuss a few specific use cases. Once CSL realized the value of having IT and the lines-of-business engage openly we soon had close to 20 participants. Everyone from c-suite attendees, who flew in from Europe to observe, to interns, were present for the 2 day event.

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I’ve done a ton of human-centric design thinking sessions for customers in every vertical. Much of what I do is data science-y and IT and business leaders tend to have a different perception of what is possible. These sessions allow us to build rapport and prototype solutions quickly, even if a customer doesn’t have any data scientists.

We’ve even trained companies in Design Thinking so they can go back and host these events internally. And we even had one event with over 60 attendees from both the public and private sector, including guest speakers, to work to help solve the opioid crisis.

These events work. Contact me if you want to learn more.

Are you convinced your data or cloud project will be a success?

Most companies aren’t. I have lots of experience with these projects. I speak at conferences, host hackathon events, and am a prolific open source contributor. I love helping companies with Data problems. If that sounds like someone you can trust, contact me.

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