New Presentations and Workshops

New Presentations and Workshops

Due to time constraints I haven't updated my presentations and workshops page for over a year. Here are the updates.

It’s been almost a year since I’m back at Microsoft as an MTC architect. In my role I get to work with customers everyday. I cover everything from Strategy Briefings to Hackathons and Rapid Prototypes, and even non-traditional engagement types like Ideation Sessions (Design Thinking Workshops). In this time I’ve put together quite a few presentations, workshops, and hackathons…many that I’ve opened up for others to deliver.

I’ve updated my Presentations Page where I track these. If you find something interesting and you’d like me to deliver it for your company just contact me. We can likely arrange this to be done for free through an MTC engagement.

Feel free to contact me for more information. ›

Are you convinced your data or cloud project will be a success?

Most companies aren’t. I have lots of experience with these projects. I speak at conferences, host hackathon events, and am a prolific open source contributor. I love helping companies with Data problems. If that sounds like someone you can trust, contact me.

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