MTC MLOps Workshops and Hackathons

MTC MLOps Workshops and Hackathons

Bring your data scientists, developers, and Ops Guys together for the MTC MLOps Workshop and Hackathon

MLOps is one of the hottest topics in data science in 2020. But what is it? MLOps is the melding of data science with DevOps. Productionizing an ML (or AI or data science workflow) application is not as easy as a standard webapp. And if you don’t do MLOps correctly and think through things like “feedback loops” it’s guaranteed your project will fail.

As a Microsoft Technology Center architect I get to host hackathons and workshops for our largest customers. One of my most popular workshops is “MLOps End-to-End”. In this 2-3 day event you’ll get to learn the latest best practices in MLOps.

There’s something for everyone. Traditional developers get to see the unique challenges of the data scientist. The Ops Guys learn how to work with ML algorithms to deploy them in automated way. And data scientists get to learn the latest about automl, databricks, Jupyter notebooks, containers/kubernetes, and mlflow/kubeflow built in to Azure Machine Learning Services.

By the end of the workshop your staff will understand how to work better as a team to forward your analytics goals. This is a fun workshop and I encourage you to bring your use cases and data (this is actually very challenging for me, but it’s far more beneficial to you).

Does that sound valuable to you? If so, learn all about my MLOps workshops on this week’s episode of MTC Snackables and contact me on LinkedIn.

Are you convinced your data or cloud project will be a success?

Most companies aren’t. I have lots of experience with these projects. I speak at conferences, host hackathon events, and am a prolific open source contributor. I love helping companies with Data problems. If that sounds like someone you can trust, contact me.

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