MTC Ideation Workshops

MTC Ideation Workshops

Get your business and IT leaders aligned on strategy

Is your IT department aligned with your business strategy? For many of my customers the answer is NO. Are you aware that the Microsoft Technology Centers can help? Bring in your IT and business leaders for one of our 1-2 day “Ideation Workshops”!

An Ideation Workshop is like nothing you’ve ever experienced at the MTC. We constantly get feedback like, “We didn’t know Microsoft did something like this.” We identify key business opportunities by using human-centered design techniques. We don’t use computers or Powerpoint. Everyone works together to define challenges and uncover rapid solution prototyping possibilities that lead to faster business optimization and differentiation. Attendees draw, build models, play with toys, and even sing songs. But don’t worry, this is a safe space. You’ll feel comfortable even if you are left-brained like me.

By the end of the workshop your company will have tangible next steps to move forward with your Digital Transformation strategy. Does that sound valuable to you? If so, learn all about Ideation Workshops on this week’s episode of MTC Snackables and contact me on LinkedIn.

Are you convinced your data or cloud project will be a success?

Most companies aren’t. I have lots of experience with these projects. I speak at conferences, host hackathon events, and am a prolific open source contributor. I love helping companies with Data problems. If that sounds like someone you can trust, contact me.

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