Vertica on AWS

In the last post I covered the [[Vertica Installation Prereqs]].  If you really don't want to install Vertica yourself you can always download a fully-functional VM from HP on the myVertica portal.  

Or you can run Vertica on Amazon in AWS.  I won't cover this in detail since AWS costs money and I'm frugal. Also Vertica is a *bit* different on AWS then when run natively. I have a slight bit of knowledge on running Vertica on AWS. I'll briefly document what I know in case you decide to run Vertica on AWS instead of in-house.  Running in the cloud is an excellent choice if you are an ISV and wish to package Vertica (probably the Community Edition) with your application.  

  • You'll need to be familiar with Amazon Management Console since most of the work is done from there.  
  • You specifiy the HP Vertica AMI you want to install using install_vertica.
  • You can still use Community Edition with 3 nodes and 1TB of data on AWS gratis.
  • You cannot create a cluster on AWS using MC (or some other things cluster-related). Instead use the Amazon EC2 console.  

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