Workaround: Vertica Error: This version of Debian or Ubuntu is unsupported

I google'd around for hours and couldn't find an answer to this problem so hopefully this post will help someone else.  

If you use Ubuntu and Vertica then you probably know that the only supported release of Ubuntu is 12.04 LTS.  I have no idea why 14 isn't supported or when it will be supported.  This is problematic if your company has standardized on 14 or if you have Puppet scripts that are geared toward 14, you just have an affinity for 14, etc etc. If you try to install/upgrade Vertica on a 14 box you'll see the following error: 

Error:  failed to get system information for all hosts
This version of Debian or Ubuntu is unsupported.  
Hint: additional failures may be hidden.
Installation FAILED with errors.

I've yet to find a good way to get around this on google.  Here are the two methods I've used.  Hint:  use the second's safer.  Do  not use this on a production Vertica installation.  That wouldn't be very wise.  

Use --failure-threshold NONE

If you use this switch then install_vertica (or upgrade_vertica...which calls install_vertica under-the-covers) will not fail for ANY errors.  You'll get a nice list of failures that you can then go and fix manually if desired:  

If you use --failure-threshold NONE then don't be surprised if Vertica won't start.  (Take your backups first if upgrading).  

Change to ignore the Ubuntu OS check

This is much safer, but still...don't do it on your prod cluster.  Do all of this as root or equivalent.  

  1. Determine your OS version as reported by Ubuntu.  nano /etc/debian_version .  You'll see something similar to the screenshot.  Note the value returned.  It should be "jessie" for 14.  
  2. Modify the python script.  sudo nano /opt/vertica/oss/python/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vertica/network/ 
  3. Ctl+W (for WhereIs), then "wheezy" (wheezy is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS).  
  4. Replace "wheezy" with "jessie".  See the screenshot.  
  5. Ctl+O (for Writeout)
  6. Ctl+X (to exit)
  7. Rerun update_vertica or install_vertica as required.  

Again, these tips should not be done on prod.  I like all of my Ubuntu boxes to be on 14 which makes my Puppet scripts easier to control.  I've found no issues using Vertica with Ubuntu14 (in testing envs).  I've also found no issues using LVM or ext3 either, which also causes the profile checks to fail as well.  See above.  


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