PerformanceCollector is now available for SQL Azure

PerformanceCollector (PC) is free and open-source software (FOSS) that I developed to monitor and baseline performance of your SQL Server.  There are certainly plenty of commercial tools and even free scripts available on the net that handle all of this. What I like about PC is that it can be deployed with a simple PoSh call, runs without any dependencies, and is easily customizable to support any additional logging and reporting that you may need.  

Over the past few years people have told me they wanted to get PC to work properly using SQL Azure, Microsoft's managed PaaS offering for SQL Server.  There are some differences between SQL Server in a VM (IaaS) and SQL Azure that have caused PerformanceCollector to fail.  Some quick examples...SQL Azure does not have the concept of a master database, SQL Agent, or the ability to do cross-database queries.  I've changed PC to overcome these limitations and I'm happy to say that today the code is stable and available.  

The code is available in a separate SQLAzure branch for PC.  Please see the file for additional details.  The existing version of PC, which works on-prem or in Azure VMs (known as Iaas) is available on the master branch.  

I hope this is helpful and please do let me know if you find any bugs or have suggestions for new features.  

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