Metric System Humor

It's fairly cold in most of the continental US this week, like "low-temperatures-that-we-haven't-seen-in-20-years" cold.  Which got me to thinking...I've been saying for years that the main reason the US will never adopt Fahrenheit over Celsius, like the rest of the world has, is because people will have much too hard of a time grasping the fact that when they see temperatures expressed in Celsius it really is not as cold as they think it is.  

Well, that logic does not apply when we have these brutal cold spells.  The joke...

A guy walks into a bar..."It must be minus 40 out there."

Bartender:  "Fahrenheit or Celsius?"

Guy:  "Both"

But of course I am in favor of the metric system when it benefits me.  For instance, weights.  I love it when I go for my annual checkup and the doctor expresses my weight in kg.