Graph Datastores

This is the next post on my series on NoSQL solutions.  I haven't actually worked with any graph databases in depth because I haven't been presented with any data problems that would warrant the use of a graph data store.  

What are the "right" use cases for a graph database?

  • Mapping applications.  "Find me the shortest path between any two nodes in a connected graph."  This would be difficult to solve algorithmically using a RDBMS.  In something like Google Maps the "shortest path" isn't necessarily the ultimate goal.  You may want the "cheapest" path instead (no toll roads or only 4 lane highways).  
  • Recommendation generation systems.  If you purchase x online, what have others purchased as well and we can display that for upselling purposes.  
  • Social networking like LinkedIn.  How does a person relate to another person?  This is another example of a graph.  
  • Data mining to find the interactions among nodes.  

Neo4j is the graph data store I've played with.  It uses untyped datatypes and the data is stored much like it would be in a document an ad hoc fasion.  Relationships are declared based on the Edges between nodes.  

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