My Certifications

...some of them anyway...

My Certifications

I’m also a Charter Member of the Microsoft Professional Degree in Data Science.


I’ve had mixed emotions about certifications over the years. Employers like them. Some even require them. In the first phase of my career I gathered certifications to prove I knew stuff. Soon I realized that many of these certifications (especially the MSFT ones) were too easy to obtain. So I stopped the Certification Pursuit. Lately, I’ve been acquiring certs again…mostly to discipline myself to really learn and understand a topic. In most cases I regret wasting the time pursuing vendor-based certs.

I’ve even blogged about some of the certs I’ve gotten:

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Complete(?) List of Certifications

CertificationVendorYear AttainedNotes
Microsoft Professional Degree - Data ScienceMSFT2016Charter Member.  (Not on my MS transcript)
MCSE:  Cloud Platform and InfraMSFT2016Charter Member. MC ID: 1387617 or MCID 16968948
MCSA:  Cloud PlatformMSFT2016Charter Member. 
MS Specialist:  Cloud Data Plat SolutionsMSFT2016Charter Member. 
MS Specialist:  Big Data Analytics SolutionsMSFT2016Charter Member. 
MS Specialist:  Azure Infra SolutionsMSFT2016 
PMP (Project Management Professional)pmi.org20151819647
ATP Vertica Big Data SolutionsHP2014 
SNIA Certified Storage ProfessionalSNIA2007