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Azure SQL Data Warehouse: Problems, Performance, Things You Need to Understand

This post isn't going to teach you the basics of Azure SQL Data Warehouse (ASQLDW).  This post is going to honestly cover the strengths and weaknesses of the product and will show you the *possible* pitfalls you may encounter.  Let me say upfront, ASQLDW is a *terrific* product, if you understand *exactly* what the use-cases are for the tool.  This is not an ASQLDW 101 post, if I write about a concept you don't understand I assume you can find that info using a basic google search.  To be clear, I have tons of experience in the MPP space...I've used Vertica for years (and I understand the costs/benefits of MPP.  Most of the same "gotchas" with ASQLDW/APS are also true of Redshift, Snowflake, and Vertica.  Each tool has a slightly different take on how to overcome perceived MPP shortcomings when compared to a traditional RDBMS.  Do your research!
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