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I am creating a lot of content as the CTO of Capax Global to showcase our offerings in the cloud and data platform spaces.  Most of my writing and thought leadership will be on that blog, but I'll syndicate that content here when I remember.  
I wrote a whitepaper and have given a few webinars and luncheons on "Self-Service BI".  This is not your typical "deploy Power BI for your users" content that you might expect with a title like that.  Instead, I go through the process of what a modern data analytics pipeline looks like and how you can build one quickly.  The webinar can be downloaded hereThe whitepaper content can be downloaded here.  

Upcoming Data Science Presentation


Presentation Download  

(check back for an updated link to the presentation materials)

Charter Member of the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science

Want to be a "data scientist"?  Don't know where to start?  Try the Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science.  I am a charter graduate.  It's a curriculum of edX courses that really help you think differently about your software projects and business.  I certainly won't be adding "Data Scientist" to my resume any time soon, but it is a good first step. 

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