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The Accidental MySQL DBA

If you are an "accidental MySQL DBA" this post is for you.  I assume you know almost nothing about MySQL, or its derivatives...such as MariaDB and Percona.  This post will give you just enough to get up-to-speed quickly and will give you enough knowledge to perform information google searches to find more detailed information.  I assume you have a working knowledge of MS SQLServer and I'll compare and contrast the two.  


Linux Performance Management for the DBA

Sometimes a DBA doesn't have the luxury of a Linux administrator when help is needed diagnosing performance problems.  It doesn't matter if you are an accidental DBA for PostgreSQL, MySQL, Vertica, or any other database manager (NoSQL included)...you really should know how to detect if your OS is performing its best.  This post is a quick guide for a DBA (or anyone really) who needs to get up-to-speed quickly on Linux from a performance management perspective.  

Other MySQL Performance Management Tooling

In my last post, nodetitle, I covered the performance_schema which is a relatively new feature of MySQL 5.5.  If you are using an earlier version of MySQL you won't have access to performance_schema.  This post covers your alternatives when you find yourself facing a performance problem as an "accidental MySQL DBA".  

Introduction to the MySQL Performance Schema

If you are new to performance troubleshooting with MySQL, specifically using the performance_schema, then this post is for you.  If you are an "accidental DBA" for MySQL, and you need to quickly fix some performance problems, then read on.  This post will give you example queries and background to get your MySQL performance problems solved quickly.  

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