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U-SQL In Azure Data Lake Presentation

Presentation Download  

(check back for an updated link to the presentation materials)

Hadoop for the RDBMS Expert


Presentation Download

I'll be presenting Hadoop for the RDBMS Expert at the PSSUG March Meeting at Microsoft's Malvern office.  

Storm Notes

Need to get up-to-speed quickly on the basics of Apache Storm?  This quick post will give you everything you need to know to speak somewhat competently about Storm.  You'll learn the general architecture, terms, proper use cases, and basic administration and performance management.  

Kafka Notes

I'm learning Apache Kafka which is a wicked-fast asynchronous messaging system used, generally, as a source spout for Apache Storm.  In general, in hadoop the loading/streaming data patterns use Kafka by producing a message to a Kafka "topic" and then consuming it later.  This post is just my notes on how to administer and troubleshoot Apache Kafka.  

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