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Version Specific Topics

These are interesting items I have noted have changed between versions.  Sometimes these little changes are very annoying. 

The new web installer for 2008 is a real PITA.  Here are the direct download links. 
SQL Server 2005
Developer Issues

DBA Issues

Free SQL2K5 eLearning

SQL Server 2008

SQL Server 2008 R2

It looks like there are actually 9 total editions for R2.  

  1. Datacenter
  2. Parallel Data Warehouse:  it needs to come preassembled as an appliance from a certified hardware vendor.  This is the DATAllegro technology MS bought.
  3. Enterprise:  25 instances, up to 4 VMs, 2TB RAM
  4. Standard:  now supports backup compression.  4way/64GBRAM,1VM, 2 failover cluster nodes
  5. Developer:  can be upgraded directly
  6. Web: 4way/64GB, no size limitation
  7. Workgroup:  524TB db size.  2way/4GB.  Can be edition upgraded later.
  8. Express:  1way/1GB RAM, 10GB db size (from 4 GB)
  9. Compact
  • Parallel Data Warehouse (Madison/PDW):  dw's can be scaled over multiple physical servers.  
  • New edition called Data Center (unlimited instance rights) 
  • StreamInsight:  complex event processing
  • Integration with nodetitle
  • Master Data Services
  • 256 logical processors from 64 (have to use Win2K8R2)...in fact, I think all SQL2008R2 deployments should be made on Win2K8R2 or higher.  
  • 2TB memory (running on Win2K8R2)
  • PowerPivot...self-service BI
  • lots of data visualization enhancements in SSRS
  • Data Tier Applications (DAC)

Denali New Features - SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2014

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