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PowerShell Tools

PowerShell ISE (Integrated Script Editor):  The ISEPack that comes with Windows 7 ResKit contains modules to extend the ISE further using Import-Module ISEPack.  Looks at Add-Ons|ISEPack for the new features.  This is my least favorite PowerShell IDE, but if you use PSUnit for Unit Testing it integrates very nicely.  

PowerShell Analyzer is a graphical IDE. Free.
PowerGUI  freeware GUI tool from Quest Software.  Also allows AD browsing, contains code snippets, breakpoints, debugging.   This is by far my favorite PowerShell IDE.  
PrimalForms freeware forms generation tool for PS. 
SQLPSX contains tons of scripts, modules, etc for working with SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.  Also has plugins that allow Powershell ISE to become a query tool for those RDBMSs.