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Instant File Initialization


In SQL Server 2005 instant file intialization can be used during autogrowth, add files, create db, restore db, etc.  It reclaims disk space w/o filling the new space with zeros.  This doesn't work with transaction log files. 
Only works on XP or 2003 or later.  The SQL Server service account must be added to the Perform Volume Maintenance Tasks security policy.  secpol.msc|Local Policies|User Rights Assignment|Perform volume maintenance tasks.  Add the service acct to the list. 
Interestingly, there are some security problems.  Since there might have been old, deleted data on the drive where the "new" data file is placed and the old data is not zeroed, it is possible that a user with access to the new data file could decode and read the deleted content. 

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