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Guacamole 0.9.4

Posts about setting up guacamole (a client-less RDP Gateway) still tend to be the most read posts on my site.  guac let's you rdp to your desktop using a web-browser (or your mobile device).  Very handy.  You can also ssh and vnc as well.  In this post I'll cover how I upgraded guac 0.9.2 to guac 0.9.4 which was released earlier this month.  

My original post on setting up guac

My post on upgrading to 0.9.2

We are going to follow the steps in my original post on setting up guac.  Please refer to that as needed.  

  1. Backups are always prudent.  
  2. Do Step 4 and 5 in my original blog post but change the file name to 0.9.4.  
  3. Replace the old war file with the new version you just downloaded:  sudo mv guacamole-0.9.4.war /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps/guacamole.war
  4. Do Step 6-12.  
  5. Restart Ubuntu.  
  6. Close your browser and reopen it (otherwise the javascript from the old version will be cached and guac will act strangely).  
  7. Connect to your previous guac URL and log in.  

Seems to be a stable release.  Awesome piece of software...can't say enough good things.  

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Hey Dave, Doing the 0.9.3>0.9.4 upgrade, I just get a spinning cog following these instructions. I'm assuming there's a dependency that may be "too new" or something too similar. Do you have any hints on where I should start looking to debug this one? (what might cause a 'spinning cog' rather than the Guacamole login page?) Appreciate your thoughts and great work on these guides! Cheers Andy

I don't know how to help you since I'm not seeing any errors.  guac just always worked for me.  My setup is very simple tho.  No MySQL, SSL, or VNC.  Try looking in /var/log/tomcat7 for logs.  Specifically, catalina.outThis is also a good troubleshooting guide:  http://guac-dev.org/doc/gug/troubleshooting.html--dave

There appears to be a bug in 0.9.4 that can cause 0.9.4 to fail... https://glyptodon.org/jira/secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=1&view=planning&selectedIssue=GUAC-1001 Cheers Andy C

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