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My Drupal Notes...basically some tricks I did to make this work.  I'm a complete novice but am pretty happy with Drupal so far, but I'll never remember these tricks. 

Displaying .sql files in Drupal

Notes on Image Galleries

Node Gallery didn't work for me...couldn't get it to use existing image nodes, nor taxonomies, although it claims to (I'm probably too stupid).  

Node Gallery Display module looked promising for good slideshows.  


My Blog setup

Admittedly, it sucks, but it's better than sharepoint.  

I wanted to create a view at /blog but somehow it's not available.  I think pathauto is using it or something.

that view should be filtered as published = yes, contenttype = blog, sort sticky first and post date desc.  

rowstyle is node

use pager, x items/page.  

rss in view and called blog/feed

page is all defaults and feed is attach to page

I think I have tagging set up correctly now.  but might have to set pathauto to blog/tags/[cat-raw]

for comments:

  • r/w by default
  • turn off threading
  • show oldest first
  • disable comment field
  • comment preview optional
  • trackbacks?


My Current HomePage

...is better than sharepoint, but I'm not a graphic designer and have no sense of style.  I should really have some sections down the left and right for 

  • off site links
  • pictures
  • I have the blog tagging cloud, but could also have a section by date archive
  • Maybe a little Bio section
  • maybe something like flickr


net use y: http://files.davewentzel.com/files <password> /USER:admin ...any other syntax seems to fail.  There are apparently issues with Web Folders in at least XP.  This seems to overcome it:


taskkill /fi "imagename eq svchost.exe" /fi "Services eq WebClient" /F
Net start webclient

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