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dbcc sqlperf (option) with table_results, no_infomsgs
available options:
UMSStats:  SQL thread mgt
num users: This is the number of SQL Server threads currently in the scheduler.

num runnable: This is the number of actual SQL Server threads that are runnable.

num workers: This is the actual number of worker there are to process threads. This is the size of the thread pool.

idle workers: The number of workers that are currently idle.

cntxt switches: The number of context switches between runnable threads.

cntxt switches (idle): The number of context switches to the idle thread.
LOGSPACE:  self-explanatory
waitstats:  resources, waittypes.  cumulative stats.  probably the most useful option. 
iostats:  outstanding reads/writes
RAStats:  read ahead activity
threads:  IO, CPU, memory usage by thread
others:  see BOL
to reset counters
dbcc sqlperf (option, clear) with no_infomsgs

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