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Data Modeling

What is a Data Modeler?

I used to use ERWin quite a bit...now I don't get the chance to as much.  It seems as though management wants to "just get by" with tools like Visio. 
In any case I have a series of ERWin templates, presentations, and Word docs here , here , and here that I still occassionally find useful.   
Data Modeling Overview
Here is a data modeling presentation I did years ago.  It's very lengthy but goes over (nicely I think) concepts that occassionally trip people up such as:
  • cardinality
  • weak entities
  • physical vs logical models
  • how to express ternary relationships
  • Normal Forms
  • Lots, lots more

Temporal Issues

This is a great PDF on every possible issue, for almost every major RDBMS, relating to Developing Temporal Database Designs.  I love to reread this every few years. 

Other Topics of Interest

EAV Models


Data Types


Sparse Columns


Schemas vs Object Owners



Hi Dave

I have tried a couple of times to hook up with you as I have come across stuff you have said about ERwin on the web - some of which shows your expertise
I use ERwin extensively and I am thinking of resurecting an ERwin User Group here in Australia (I'm based in Sydney)
I'd love to link up with you personally - I have a horrow of FaceBook and LinkedIn so if you don't object to email that would be great
Tim Woolford-Smith
Data (Warehouse) Architect | Interested in most things | Tall Person

I haven't used Erwin in probably 10 years so I'm not sure how much of a expert I am.  My email address is dave at davewentzel dot com.