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Data Governance

improvement of data quality by having a team comprised of stakeholders, DBAs, executives, PMs, etc that utilizes Six Sigma or similar and data mapping/modeling tools to help.  

usually driven by government regulation like SarbOx or HIPAA or BASEL II (international banking standards).  With SarbOx, Section 404 (internal control of financial reporting) is the most contentious.  SarbOx never really said *what* needed to be done, it just stated management had to sign off that steps were taken.  PCAOB came up with better guidance that firms were able to look to and adopt.  It's still evolving.  404 compliance is really an inefficiency tax and leads companies to consolidate and automate as much financial reporting as possible.  Smaller companies are logically also affected more.  

But regulation isn't the only driver...supply chain management and "merger management" also come to mind.  

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