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Check Out This Tool, PAL

PAL is the Performance Analysis of Logs Tool.  I've used this recently and found it works really well and is simple to set up.  What you do is collect your PerfMon log files (blg format is fine).  Then you install PAL (laptop is fine) and the "SQL Server threshold file", which is provided by Microsoft at codeplex.  The tool then identifies issues and finds correlations between counters.  It will then produce various reports that highlight possible performance problems.  

The beauty, really, is the threshold file.  If you use the MS-supplied threshold files you can rest-assured you will find performance issues vs. Best Practices.  So, if you are really confused as to what the current, industry-accepted level of Context Switches/sec is, just use the threshold file.  You can also customize the threshold files to meet any needs that you may have for your hardware or application, or if you just don't think you agree with some of the MS-supplied values.


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