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Managing Developers...Part 6...Spotlight-er Issues

Have you ever thought that your people just want to be in the spotlight all of the time? Do you feel like your developers are always trying to steal credit for something from you or from others? I call these people "spotlighter-ers".  But the "spotlight-er" behavior is a symptom of a bigger issue. The cause is, again, your problem. Every developer I've ever met would much rather be allowed to make a good decision on their own, without being second-guessed or micro-managed, quietly, without taking any credit.


Managing Developers...Part 5...Dealing with Cry Babies

This is Part 5 of my series on managing developers.  

Some managers complain that their developers are cry babies, constantly bitching about every little thing. Do you feel as though your people cry about the littlest issues? They are. Here's why.


Managing Developers...Part 4...Dealing with Ego Issues

Are your developers too egoistic for you? If you said yes, then YOU may have a problem. A strong ego is a good thing. Ego shows me a team that wants to affect change and cares about the product they are developing. If you think your developers are overly egotistical, well, that's your problem. It takes a lot of effort that is contrary to basic human nature to be overly egotistical.


Managing Developers...Part 3...the Benevolent Dictator

I've written about the Benevolent Dictator in the past here.

But let's step back. Developers do not hate authority figures. Developers will always self-organize around those who make their lives better. This is basic human nature. The people who can make their lives better will tend to be strong authority figures.


Managing Developers...Part 2...Respect Issues

This is Part 2 of my series on managing developers.  

I've had the pleasure of working with managers who have openly complained that their development staff does not respect them. They believe that developers are closet libertarians and just hate authority figures.


Managing Developers...Part 1

Let's pretend you are a development staff manager. Are you a good manager? Do you know how to manage me, a common developer? Does your team respect you? Do you know if your people are on your side, or will they backstab you? This series of posts is something I've shared often with managers. Read it with an open mind. This isn't your typical "How to be a Manager" Guide. This post is me being brutally honest.


Benevolent Dictators

I'm currently working on a team of data architects.  We usually agree quickly on a given design for most problems, but occassionally we do not.  When there is disagreement, the question becomes whose design wins?  How should we determine the "winning" design?  If the debate drags on too long the team's velocity comes to a crawl.  

In other situations there is a designated "lead architect" whose design approach may not match what most other team members feel is correct.  But again, on-going debate causes velocity to suffer, tensions to flare, etc.  How do you solve these issues?  


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