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Data Architecture

Self-Service BI

I am creating a lot of content as the CTO of Capax Global to showcase our offerings in the cloud and data platform spaces.  Most of my writing and thought leadership will be on that blog, but I'll syndicate that content here when I remember.  
I wrote a whitepaper and have given a few webinars and luncheons on "Self-Service BI".  This is not your typical "deploy Power BI for your users" content that you might expect with a title like that.  Instead, I go through the process of what a modern data analytics pipeline looks like and how you can build one quickly.  The webinar can be downloaded hereThe whitepaper content can be downloaded here.  

Self-Service Analytics Webinar


I recently hosted a Self-Service Analytics Webinar for Capax Global.  

GitLab on Microsoft Azure

I wrote a guest blog post for gitlab.com regarding how to Setup a GitLab Instance in Microsoft Azure.  I'm a big user of git and gitlab puts a nice webUI on top of git, as well as a bunch of additional features.  With gitlab's new images on the Azure Marketplace developers have another avenue to host their git repositories without managing a git server or using external hosting like github.  

U-SQL In Azure Data Lake Presentation

Presentation Download  

(check back for an updated link to the presentation materials)

Hadoop for the RDBMS Expert


Presentation Download

I'll be presenting Hadoop for the RDBMS Expert at the PSSUG March Meeting at Microsoft's Malvern office.  

Polyglot Database Development with 0xDBE

This is an unsolicited review of OxDBE, a universal SQL IDE by JetBrains.  Universal SQL IDEs are meant to make your life easier developing code for multiple DBMSs.  Instead of learning the nuances of multiple DBMS IDEs you can spend your time learning the nuances of each vendor's SQL dialect.  The problem is universal SQL IDEs tend to be either pricey or buggy.  0xDBE is polished and has almost no learning curve if you are familiar with IntelliJ.   Try it while it's still free.  

(This is an unsolicited review of a product I really love.)  

PMP Certified!

Last week I sat for, and passed, the PMP certification.  In this post I'll discuss problems with vendor certifications and why an industry certification like the Project Management Institute's Project Management Professional certification is valuable.  Even a non-manager, propellor-head should consider the PMP certification to advance his career and improve his brand.  

PostgreSQL for the SQL Server Guy

PostgreSQL is an open source RDBMS that is very similar to SQL Server.  In this post I'll compare the features and syntax of the two.  Learning a new DBMS tool can be a lot of fun and will help you understand SQL Server even better.  

Entrepreneurial Programmers

The definition of 'entrepreneur' is misunderstood.  An entrepreneur is so much more than a businessman.  Entrepreneurial programmers are those technologists that exhibit similar traits.  The best programmers are entrepreneurial programmers (EPs).  You want these folks on your team.  And you want to be one of them.  In this post I'll describe what it means to be an EP.  Do you qualify?  


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