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column-oriented databases

I briefly wrote about these a few weeks ago in this blog post.  I believe Michael Stonebraker is credited with "inventing" this technology, although it's really been around since the 1970's.  I was tasked at evaluating column-oriented databases after management read about these in a trade journal and thought it might be applicable for our fast-growing analytics system.  He's possibly right. Fast data access is the cornerstone.  (read more here)

What is a Data Architect?


What is a Data Architect?

Ever since 2002my title has been data architect.  It's actually funny how this came about...my company had a rule that all "DBAs" had to reside under a particular department head, but my future manager, who was persuingme for awhile to join his team, worked in a different department.  To join the team I needed a different title ...hence my becoming a "data architect".  In an instant I was promoted...samejob, same duties, different title.  At the timeI didn't give much thought to the distinction in titles.  Andto this day I couldn't care less what my title is. 

Performance Problem Diagnosis Methodology

Performance Problem Diagnosis Methodology I'm often asked after solving some long-standing, difficult performance problem that couldn't be solved what methodology I use to diagnose and solve problems. My answer usually varies depending on the problem just solved, but that's not really the correct answer to the problem. The cop-out answer is simply "experience and a lot of study." The methodology I use is a lot like how a doctor diagnoses an illness...one of the reasons I love watching the show House on Fox.

CPI and Inflation


There's been a lot of talk lately about inflation...specifically about lowering the fed funds rate to get us out of this credit crisis.  Generally lowering the fed funds rate risks further inflation.  Some pundits have been saying that inflation is not an issue since the price of oil has radically fallen from $145 to $100, the price of gold has fallen, the buck has risen, etc.  I don't want to argue the merits of rate cuts...only to show that we should NOT rely on the CPI or government inflation data to determine what true inflation really is. 


I've been burned a few times on ETNs so I thought it prudent to research the subject a little more so I can lose less money next time. 


SAN Controller Notes


Controller Cache
So, your SAN has a data cache and generally they aren't huge.  A few GB is standard.  And your SAN is hooked up to many different servers/applications.  So, what is the best controller cache configuration for (your) SQL Server? 

Master Limited Partnerships


KMP is an example Master Limited Partnership (MLP).  In this arrangement taxable profits and losses are distributed directly to unit holders.  So, you aren't getting taxed twice (at the corp level) like normal public company shareholders.  Unit holders receive return of capital which is not taxed directly but lowers the cost basis of the holding. 


Call Ratio Backspread

The call ratio backspread is a new technique I'm using in this very volatile 2008 market.  You get the most profit by using this system while the market is heading downward...anticipating a reversal. 



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