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February 2015

Monitoring Service Broker


This is an update to my old post Service Broker Monitoring Routine.  The SB monitoring routine from that post was a little difficult to understand and tried to integrate setting up Service Broker with the monitoring of a Service Broker solution.  Bad idea.  This version of my monitoring routine is far easier to understand.  

Monitoring Disk Latencies with PerformanceCollector

PerformanceCollector (PC) is free and open-source software (FOSS) that I have developed to monitor and baseline performance of your SQL Server.  There are certainly plenty of commercial tools and even free scripts available on the net that handle all of this. What I like about PC is that it can be deployed with a simple PoSh call, runs without any dependencies, and is easily customizable to support any additional logging and reporting that you may need.  

On Resumes

I have debated for months whether I should actually publish this post.  

I've finally decided to do it.  


A brief history of davewentzel.com

I posted my first static webpage in 1997 to www.davewentzel.com.  It listed a bunch of helpful SQL tips and tricks mostly so I could find them again when I was working remotely at a client site.  The webserver itself ran on BeOS (great OS for multimedia before "multimedia" waover dialup to a local ISP.  I slowly grew my collection of tips and tricks to quite a few static html pages.