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March 2013

Object Relational Mappers Series - So You Want to Use an ORM Anyway

This is my last post on my series on ORMs.  Even after all of the arguments against an ORM, everyone wants to use them.  It seems like there are always two reasons for this:  1)the lure of keeping developers from learning SQL is just too great 2)the belief that the issues with ORM tools won't happen to me.  In every company I've been involved with, when an ORM was proposed, it was eventually implemented regardless of my protests.

The Netflix Culture

The Netflix Culture from Reed Hastings is must-read material.  I happen to think Netflix is excellent at transforming itself and staying competitive.  Imagine how difficult it would be to change your successful DVD mail-order business model into a streaming model in about 18 months, into an original content provider in less than a year.  I haven't worked at too many places that can adjust and move that quickly.  Others may disagree.  


Object Relational Mappers Series - The SELECT * Problem

DBAs have been bitching for years that we should never use SELECT * in our queries (or INSERT INTO statements without a column list).  ORMs, usually by default, violate this principle.