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April 2010

Natalie's TBall Team

I got a call out of the blue asking if I wanted to coach a TBall team since my daughter was signed up this year.  I've been told I have no people skills and my kids would tell you I have no patience with them, but I accepted anyway.  Fact is, I really enjoyed watching Jackson play TBall last year for the Orioles.  It's really incredible watching (some of) the kids go from zero skills at the first practice to making outs in the field and hitting the ball to the outfield by the last game.  Not to mention it is really a lot of fun helping out.  So far we've had a game and a practice where a game out SillyBandz for the kids based on the outcomes of hitting/fielding/running competitions.  Corny, but the kids loved it.  

The team is the Athletics, and I'm an Athletic Supporter!




Jackson's Coach Pitch Team

Jackson's coach pitch team at KYAL had it's first game.  I've been asked to be the scorekeeper.  Here are the pictures.  And here are the stats.